Sunday, August 21, 2016

Great thing happened today piano lessons started! Also, chew tubes!

Good things are happening here!

Sorry for lack of posts lately. Life with an autistic three year old and four month old are crazy making times!

A. loves music. He has always had a special relationship with it. The husband of the woman who ran the daycare he went to would play acoustic guitar for him and he would hum along.  When my son hears songs that he is familiar with he settles down rather quickly.

I have been trying to encourage this love of music. We have three different toy pianos, maracas, four different drums, two xylophones, a toy trumpet, and a toy flute. The instrument he gravitates to the most is his piano.

The piano was actually mine when I was his age. I kept it in the hopes my children, if I ever had any, would enjoy it.

M.P. is someone I have known for a few years now. She is extremely kind and warm hearted. I didn't know she taught piano, but I worked up the courage to ask her if she could be the Anne Sullivan to my son's Helen Keller. Taking on an autistic non-verbal toddler as a client cannot be an easy task.  She told me she worked with children with ADHD so she knows some techniques to use to get a child to focus. We showed up at her house today with the kids, A. working on his new chew  tube (more on that later). I got nervous because she has a beautiful home with lots of glass and shiney things that A. was more interested in than the piano.  After M.P. demonstrated how the piano makes actual songs, A. was all in. He allowed her to use the hand over hand technique for finger placement to learn C,D,E and taught me and my husband how to do the proper hand placement so we can practice on our toy piano.  The lessons will be short, but I feel that with time this will be helpful to A.

The newest adventure in life with autism is the chew tube! A. grinds his teeth incessantly and is constantly mouthing. The speech therapist at his school suggested chew tubes. Not having heard of them before I did some research. These silicone tubes come in different textures and can be attached to clothing using a strap or can be used on a necklace with a breakaway clasp.  They come in different firmness and texture options and can be a little pricy depending on where purchased. I use Amazon and am an Amazon Prime subscriber because these things are lifesavers. He can chew on them until they show signs of wear, then they need to be replaced.  This is a must have for an autistic/SPD child.

Coming soon: The long awaited Paul Bateman interview!!!