Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Sorry I haven't posted in forever. Life got very crazy. We might be fostering a child so we got very busy with organizing our tiny apartment and doing all the background checks and paperwork involved with that, my husband is losing his job, I have been interviewing like crazy. I finally found a job, but now I need a physical, high school diploma (from a school that closed in CA), immunization records from birth (my pediatrician died in the 80s), an valid driver's licence (mine expired and going to the DMV with a two year old for a day trip sounds so exciting I put it off way too long), and a physical. I also have about 80 pages of paper including a test on how to insert catheters to complete (I am going to be a patient account representative. I really, really hope they never have to rely on me to do sterile procedures, although I can change a colostomy bag). All this must be done Thursday at 10 am. I am also currently scrambling to find daycare to cover the overlap between the start of my new job, and the end of my husband's current job. I plan on doing a blog post to catch you all up on my son's development soon.