Thursday, August 29, 2013

Reusable baby wipes, homemade baby lotion, and Gypsy Moments and random thoughts.

Hi all :)

Thank you so much for all the view! This is so exciting :) I love writing and I'm glad you have enjoyed some of it.

My little guy has grown so much! He was four months old on the 19th and he is already wearing size 9M. He is almost exclusively breast feed. Since I work full time, I pump at work, nurse when we are both home, and he gets supplemented with formula at daycare.  They grow so fast its scary.  He still isn't rolling over fully. He can hold his head up which is great, but he can't really sit yet.  We don't have a Bumpo or any other product like it, mostly because in the 70's they weren't around and we learned how to sit, and its just one more thing to buy and then keep clean.  Do/did you use a Bumpo? Did it help?

Something that we go through like crazy is baby wipes. Because we have a budget I am trying to keep costs down.  I pretty much have to buy wipes for daycare, but at home we use reusable baby wipes.  I use Charlie Banana cloth diapers, which I will talk about another day, so I bought the Charlie Banana reusable wipes. They are small cotton squares and were 10 for $10.00. I must say I like them, and it really helps because on big blowouts you don't end up going through your whole box of wipes and then have to run to store for more. The Charlie Banana wipes are cost prohibitive so I started using just plain old baby washcloths as wipes.  They are super cheap. All we do is run warm water over them prior to a changing. I use one or two wet washcloths, and then finish with a dry one.  I do one to two loads of cloth diapers per week so we always have a good supply.  Not going to lie, cloth diapering and reusable wipes is kinda gross, but it saves a boatload of money.  Its also good for the environment. My son doesn't get diaper rash either.

Staying on the subject of DIY, I make my own baby lotion/oil/soap.  Its super easy to make, and cheap which is always good. Its a mix of equal parts grape seed oil/extra virgin olive oil/unprocessed coconut oil/aloe vera gel. Its very runny since its all oil and a little bit goes a long long way.

To make a baby bath mix, mix equal parts grape seed oil/extra virgin olive oil/unprocessed coconut oil/aloe vera gel and a TINY amount of lavender extract. I just put a dab on my finger then stir the warm water.

All this can be bought at Whole Foods/Trader Joes. For the coconut oil I used Dr. Bronner's Magic Coconut oil.

You can use the lotion on yourself too, and you can cook w/all the oils. I don't mind when my son sticks his fist in his mouth after I lotion him up because its all edible.

Also use the oil EVERY time you change a diaper. I only use just the coconut oil by itself when it looks bad.

My son does have nasty cradle cap.  To fix that, I take the basic mixture and add the tinest bit of peppermint oil.  I rub down his whole scalp and then wait about 15-20 minutes.  The oil will loosen up the cradle cap, and peppermint is soothing and cooling. After about 15-20 minutes I use a cradle cap comb which is a fine tooth comb and can be bought anywhere.  Then I use a super soft baby brush.  It is extremely important to then rinse the oil off. Leaving the oil on the baby's head can actually encourage more cradle cap.  I then dry his scalp and then lightly brush his head again.  TIP: I tried this without the peppermint oil, and he screamed in agony every time. After using the peppermint oil, he stopped crying. Also since peppmermint oil is cooling if you add a VERY SMALL amount to a wet washcloth and let the baby chew/suck on it, it will elevate pain associated with teething.

The mix is antiseptic, so don't stick your fingers in it after you make it or it will get contaminated.

So, now for some fun stuff. Fellow blogger and mom, Megan, is extremely creative. She has three lovely daughters.  She lives in a simply gorgeous part of the country.  You can follow her here :  She blogs about everything. Need a recipe? Here is the place to get it. Want to spruce up your wardrobe? She has some crafty ideas.  Lots of good stuff here and its updated fairly regularly.

Anyone see the new Wolverine movie? Is it any good?  I can't wait to see the next X-Men movie. Hey, Scarlet Witch is going to be in Avengers. I was so dissapointed she wasn't in the first one. I heard a rumor Quicksilver is also going to be in it, can't wait.

Anyone have fun plans for the three day weekend?

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