Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Welcome :)

Hey there.

I'm new a new mother. My sweet baby is a little over four months old. This is an incredible experience. I am in my mid-thirties and I can't believe what a change this is for me. I work full time and have been married for ten years.

I am also a bibliophile and a nerd.  I love all things sci-fi and most things fantasy.

I though I would start a blog for new moms where I would talk about babies, and I can answer questions. I will also review Dr. Who episodes, baby toys, and books.  There will also be some fun randomness. I hope this is enjoyable to all who read and follow the blog.

So to start with I wanted to discuss what I wish I had been told about having a baby, and some related to having a boy.

1.  "What's that coming out of him?"

Boys lactate. That's a huge surprise.  I had no idea that was even possible. When I took my little cutie home from the hospital, I kept seeing clear to pale liquid on his chest. I did some research and do to the hormones that the baby takes from mom during pregnancy, they lactate. Fun Fact: This is called Witches Milk.

2.  "Why is breast feeding to hard?"

I always assumed that breast feeding would be intuitive. I mean I can see where he would attach, and how. I did no research at all on breast feeding prior to going to the hospital to have him. It turns out I have flat nipples, which until I could not get him to "latch" I had no idea.  I would advise moms to be to do some research so that you can learn the terms associated with breast feeding. There are various "holds" that can make it easier. Also, it pays to vary the holds.  Something I did not know is that you need to switch which breast the baby feeds from each time you feed. If you start with the right side for the first feeding, you need to start with the left breast for the second feeding. Also, hospitals may not tell you about "cluster feeding". My son generally would go three hours between feedings, but sometimes he needed to eat every 45 minutes. Even if you plan on breastfeeding, it may be helpful to have some formula on hand as it can take up to an hour for your supply to refresh.

My insurance covers breast pumps when needed for medical necessity. Due to my flat nipples, my son couldn't latch properly and this resulted in him pulling all the skin of both nipples. It hurt beyond what I can say.  Check into your insurance coverage to make sure pumps are covered as they are expensive. If your insurance won't cover them, if you have a health savings account, they are reimbursable equipment and EvenFlo makes a nice portable electric breast pump that retails for about $50.00. It was a lifesaver while waiting for the  double electric pump my insurance paid for.

Also, buy pads to absorb leaky milk. You will drip. And its gross.

3.  "Ummmmmmmm is it supposed to do that?"

Baby boys get erections. There is no way to sugar coat that.  This is also due to hormones.

Fun Fact: Your newborn son will pee after you see said erection. My husband and I have got peed on our faces.  If you are changing your son and you see this, cover him up because there is about to be pee everywhere.

4. "Why are they so big?"

Hormones again. Baby boys have extremely swollen looking testicles. It disturbed me and my mom said that she was shocked when she had my brothers. Don't worry, they do go shrink after a few weeks.

5.  "I'm shedding!!!!!!!!!!!!"

During pregnancy hormones prevent the hair that you would normally lose from falling out. After you lose the hormones, you lose your hair. In clumps. Everywhere. It does even out eventually though.

Did you have any surprises after your child was born?  Share them below.

I am setting up a facebook page. I will add the link as soon as its up.

EDIT: Facebook page is up.  https://www.facebook.com/marita1979
Be sure to check the facebook page for spoiler alerts, and randomness. I will put promo codes/coupons/funny stuff/trivia ect up on facebook. Doesn't look like much now, but I promise it will be better.