Thursday, August 27, 2015

Update on my Son

My little guy is still non vocal.  The good news is that at daycare he laughs with other children.

I posted before that he might need surgery for undescended testicles. Good news! He saw a urologist and all is good and no surgery needed.

He also saw an opthomologist. He might have an astigmatism. At least we have a good health plan.

He had his first haircut. He was really calm all things considered. His curls are more defined now.

This weekend he went to his first party. Apparently licking outdoor toys is more fun than splashing in a wading pool.

He is still slow, but does some things as a toddler would. Eating fruits and   vegetables is slow torture. The terrible twos have hit with a vengeance. Bedtime is an almost impossible struggle. I love this phase because he is developing his own personality. He is also trying to test limits so I have to start being more firm. Watching him grow is exciting and I can't wait to see what comes next.