Monday, May 25, 2015

May 2015 Bluum box 25 month old boy

Hi all.

I have been extremely under the weather yet again. Same as before, a high fever and can't talk. This time; however, I can't swallow either.  Of course the fever hit 102 and I lost my voice around 11:00pm on Saturday night, the night before Sunday, before a holiday.  If I still can't talk/swallow tomorrow, I am going to get this checked out.  This is why posting has been light as of late. I have had an extreme sore throat for the past several months that comes and goes and I have been feeling stressed out and fatigued.

Because I can't talk, there again won't be a video unboxing. Hopefully next month.............

Could they have stuffed this box anymore?

This box looks really exciting. Let's dive right in.

This seems pretty cool.  We haven't started toilet training yet, although my son has been put on the toilet.  Actually starting next month when it will be hotter, and he will be wearing less clothing, I was going to start introducing the potty with more frequency.

Green Sprouts Disposable Compressed Wipes--I added this item to the box. We got this item last year and I absolutely love it in the summer time. They are compressed wipes made from plant fibers and are naturally antibacterial.  

This says it it suitable for ages 2-6 on the box, but my son is developmentally disabled.  He sadly won't be able to play with this for quite a while.  I like the concept though.

I added this to the box as well. Melissa & Doug My First Sidewalk Chalk Set. Since activities based on age don't work with my son, we go for activities based on ability, or activities that will enhance motor skills and/or help with sensory processing issues.  I like the grips on the chalk because if he doesn't like the texture of it, he can hold the grip. Also, since he has small hands, I think the grip will make using the chalk easier. 

We can always use more ice packs.  Actually, I like these because they are small and a regular ice pack takes up a lot of room in my son's small cooler. Also, space ships!

This is another Paragon Book! Dear Bluum, please keep sending Paragon Books! As I have stated in the past, I love this publisher.  

This is an adjustable wide brimmed hat. Sadly, me and my husband do like camouflage print. This will end up being a gift to someone. I would have loved this hat in any other print.