Friday, May 22, 2015

Physical Therapy 05/11/15

This was not a good session. Totally not on the part of T. the Physical Therapist, but because of the two year old boy who decided to throw tantrums and push his limits/show off in front of a stranger.

He decided he would toss wooden blocks as hard as he could all over the apartment.  T told him that is not good for a big boy to do amd made him put the blocks away. He did not like having to follow directions. The good thing was they played a bit and he stirred the blocks with a spoon for gross motor work.

I feel it has been a while since we had PT. There have actually been several updates we had for her, including that he now goes up and down stairs either with use of the railing or by holding hands.

The next thing for us to work on at home is climbing.  I am nervous about this, but he need to learn how to do it.  I am to assist him climb as necessary. 

Our next visit will be at a playground,  which I am looking forward to.