Saturday, May 23, 2015

Review of Star Trek Renegades

This is the post that I was very excited to put up.  Hope you enjoy the review, and the movie itself.

This is a spoiler free review.

“Always be true to yourself and the rest will follow.” –Pavel Chekov

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I have seen the trailers and although they looked amazing, I was very wary of Adrienne Wilkinson’s acting. She seemed to overact in all the trailers. It was a very pleasant surprise that watching those scenes in context her acting is very strong and powerful, not over the top.  Manu Intiraymi reprises his role as Icheb, and he has been through some things.  I did not always enjoy Voyager, but I really always liked the character Icheb. Manu Intiraymi flawlessly slips back into his old role.  I don’t want to give away too much, but he appears to have had some upgrades.   There were several cameos Trek fans will enjoy including Gary Graham as Ragnar, the shape shifter first seen in Of Gods and Men. Another cameo of note was Clint Carmichael who played a Nausicaan in the TNG episode Tapestry. He again plays a Nausicaan, Moordenaarr, in Renegades.  It was actually a nice moment when I remembered him from his previous character. There are a few established Hollywood actors in the movie as well. Edward Furlong is excellent as Fixer, the mechanic.  All I could think while watching him was how much he reminded me of Kaylee from Firefly (which is fitting since the Icarus is the same set as Serenity).  I really would have liked to have seen more of the character on screen. The entire cast delivered a powerful performance.   One nitpicky question I had was, were Sean Young’s Dr. Lucien’s glasses an affectation, like Picard’s books or an anachronism?   Either way, as a glasses wearer who will never get LASIK or wear contacts, I thought they looked cool.

The special effects are outstanding.  There are plenty of well done space battles. The CGI on Icheb’s tech is incredible.  Looking at the special effects it is hard to believe this was done on a small budget.  A scene I especially liked was seeing Icheb’s hands take on what I can only describe as a Green Lanternish effect during a climatic fight scene.  The only thing I thought was, although the makeup is relatively flawless, some of the masks are incredibly rubber looking.  One more brief thought on the makeup is that Larissa Gomes plays T’leah a Romulan, and based on her makeup, her race had to be pointed out to me.  It isn’t poorly done, but I did not recognize her as a Romulan.

This movie was done by the same team that brought us Of Gods and Men.  They stay true to the feel of Star Trek, but this definitely doesn’t have the heart that Of Gods and Men had.  This movie is decidedly darker toned, which is not a bad thing. There was a blink and you miss it tribute to Leonard Nimoy that was added post production that will resonate well with fans. I think that as of today the future of Renegades is up in the air. Will it be a TV show, a web series, or a stand-alone film? As a show pilot, it works, as a fan film, it lacks something. As a stand-alone TV movie it has potential.  You can tell that the production team put a lot of hard work into Renegades.

The story is excellent.  Who are these so called Renegades? Who has infiltrated Starfleet? Who is Lexxa Singh? What is Sean Young’s Dr. Lucien hiding? What does Fixer finally understand?  What will be the fate of Admiral Paris? It seems that the main suppliers of dilithium crystals are getting harder to find. Planets are being engulfed with a mysterious energy that cuts them off from the rest of the universe.  Will the Renegades accomplish their secret mission or will Starfleet be torn apart?  Will Earth be destroyed by an evil the likes of which we have never seen before? Who can you trust when anyone could be a double agent?

As I said, this movie does have a very dark tone. It almost has the same dark tone as Nemesis.  There are some violent scenes and implied sexual violence against one character.  I would use discretion when allowing young children to watch this movie.   This movie only gets 7 out of 10 stars from me.  It was good, not mind blowing. Definitely see it if you get the chance because it is good, and fan films need our support.  This movie is far better than anything from JJ Abrams.

And to the production crew, I am but a humble blogger but if there is ever anything I can do, I am a fangirl. It has been my lifelong dream to contribute to my favorite fandom. I would love to contribute in any way I could to this or any future projects, as most fans would.

After watching Renegades a second time, I had a little more to say about it.