Monday, May 25, 2015

Speech Therapy 5/13/15

My son was very grumpy/upset today.

We got a visit from M the speech therapist and A the EI coordinator. M and A played with puzzles with my son. He got grumpy very quickly and A happened to touch his head. She noticed he was warm, so I took his temperature.  99.5 degrees,  not enough to be worried but enough of a temp to make him miserable.

I had some concerns about my son eating clearly not food items. We have a pussy willow tree outside and he ate a bud off the ground.  It must have tasted as delicious as it looked because he promptly spit it out. We went to visit a friend who has a dog, and my son petted him.  He came back with a large tuft of fur.  The same thing happens when he pets our dog so I thought he would drop it on the ground. Instead he tried to eat it. The fur had to be wrestled out of his mouth.  We went to my mother's house and she has a gravel driveway. My son was walking up and down the driveway, then he sat down to play. Boys play in dirt so this was ok with me. I was talking to my step-father then out of the corner of my eye, I saw my son's hand go up to his mouth.  I went to go investigate and he had all sorts of goodies in his mouth. He had sand, pebbles, bits of twigs, and bits of plants.   Of course I took him in the house and cleaned his mouth out.  The speech therapist said he is looking for input so I should give him something to eat. Something crunchy, or cold, or spicy, or sweet to give him input. I think this a good way to teach him to ask for snacks.  He doesn't get many non-fruit based snacks due a possible tree nut/pine nut allergy so its mostly fruit or fruit and peanut butter or Cheerios for snacks.  He does however eat a very well rounded healthy diet that includes crunchy, and cold, and spicy, and sweet 

My son responded well to the back and forth play and had a higher level of eye contact.  What we need to work on is back and forth play, then withholding a turn until he does something to indicate he wants to continue.

I also was the randomly selected parent of the month to do a survey.  As I have no complaints or problems with any of the services or service providers I think that should be pretty smooth and easy.

The visit was cut short due to my son being sick.