Monday, April 13, 2015

April 2015 Bluum box, Twenty-four month old boy.

     Last month, I did a video unboxing. My voice still isn't really back yet and I don't want you to hear me wheezing and croaking so I will just do a written review.

     This month's box cost a little more than usual because I added an item to the box. I added a book that you will see below.

This month's box looked really good. I could see there were two books which got me all  excited, and there is another Melissa & Doug puzzle. As you know, I kind of like Melissa & Doug products.

Price: $10.00

These look adorable. They are EZ Sox. I don't know what your toddler is like, but mine always needs new socks. These socks have handles so a toddler can easily slide them up. I am not sure if that makes socks any easier.  Given my son's delays, I think these will just be another pair of socks.  I think they are cute, but I think $10. is pricey for two pairs of toddler socks.

Price $6.99

This book just looked adorable based on the cover so I added this to the box so my son could have something a little extra since he will be two this month. I really like Paragon books so this was worth it to me.  The illustrations are amazing.

That is taken from the middle of the book. I think this is going to be a much loved book.

Price $6.99

This is another book from Paragon.  You can't tell from the illustration, but the underwear on the little boy are actual cloth.  I like little touches like that. I am so excited for this book. Potty training is probably about six months off but I wanted to pull our potty out and let my son see it.  With the help of this book, we can start talking about the potty.  

Price $9.99

This is a water wheel tube from Toysmith.  This looks like fun. I don't think we will get to use it in the bath only because my son flips out at bathtime.  I think with summer coming, and my mother opening up her pool, this may be a pool toy.  I think once my son realizes what this is doing he will like it a lot.

Price $7.99

Have I mentioned I love Melissa & Doug products? (
I love Melissa & Doug products. We have a wooden puzzle that we can use for sensory play, fine motor skills, learning colors. I am so happy for this puzzle. Thank you, Bluum!

Total cost:$41.96  I paid $20.00 for the box plus the 6.99 for the Adventures book because I added it on. In love with the box as usual. Totally happy.

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