Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Hunt For Gollum Review. Another great fan film.

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     This fan film serves as an unofficial prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I think it very nicely bridges The Hobbit to the Lord of the Rings, more so for those not familiar to the story. As someone who read the books as a teenager, this is a loving tribute to Tolkien.

     I do have to note that Adrian Webster who plays Aragorn bears an uncanny resemblance to Viggo Mortensen. His acting style is very similar to how Mortensen portrays Strider the Rider as well.

     This movie takes place before the events of the movies, and we see Gandalf and Aragorn discussing a particular piece of magical golden jewelry and a fallen hobbit who had it in is possession for some time.  Gandalf worries that Gollum may tell those who seek the ring about another hobbit who may have taken the ring from Gollum during a game of riddles some time ago. Aragorn agrees to search for Gollum. Along the way, he encounters friends and foes alike. Will his quest prevail, or will Sauron prevent him from achieving his goal?

     I know many took their children to see Peter Jackson's movies. Although there were many fight sequences not many of them were up close violence. There are a few scenes that may be a little violent for people who don't like violence or younger children.
     Besides Adrian Webster's striking resemblance to Viggo Mortensen, I really liked the make-up in this movie.  It was really well done. The orcs and elves look amazing.  

     For no other reason to see this movie, see it for the cinematography. This is a British movie and it was shot in North Wales, Epping Forest, and Hampstead Heath. I loved the scenery. What convinced me this was a fantasy story more than anything else was the surroundings.  Whoever scouted the locations, hats off to you. 

     All in all, this movie was great. I definitely suggest it. It is short, about 40 minutes. Whether you are familiar with the books or the movies, or both, you will enjoy this film.

     A blog reader suggested I watch this movie.  I love watching movies, whether they be fan films or studio releases. Please, if you have any suggestions/recommendations, let me know. You can reach me here on the blog by commenting, or here on Facebookon Twitter, or on Google+.