Friday, April 24, 2015

"Rise of the Empire" (Star Wars) fan film

     First of all, thank you Beth Vickers for letting me know about this amazing project.

     I just found out about an amazing new Star Wars fan film serial called "Rise of the Empire".  The website is here  You can find them on Facebook here It is being hailed as the ultimate fan film.  The trailer looks incredible.  I am very excited and will definitely be reviewing and watching this every week.

     What I like about the look of this is the producer believes in practical photography, using sets and live locations instead of green screen.  I actually really miss the feel of movies like the original trilogy that use actual locations and sets. The just look better.  The production team wants to film in Death Valley in the same locations the original trilogy was shot at.

    The episodes should be available in the fall.

     Being a fan film they do need funding, which can be done here: