Thursday, April 2, 2015

Comfort Food Recipe: Beef Stroganoff

I wanted to share a modified version of one of my favorite foods. My mom makes this a lot and when I was younger I thought it was gross. When I became a teenager and had a more sophisticated palette,  I appreciated it more. This recipe is not the sane that you will find in most cookbooks. Full disclosure,  I don't measure when I cook. I eyeball everything.  I have been cooking a while now and it is a bad habit I fell into.

You will need beef or chicken.  I made it with both. I use stew meat or stir fry beef but you can use any kind you want. The other ingredients are sour cream (16 ounces), mushrooms (I prefer to mix 12 ounces of crimini with 12 ounces of button but I have also used shi take and oyster), one yellow onion,  butter, one pack of onion soup mix (I experiment with regular,  beefy onion, mushroom and onion.), thyme and garlic to taste, 1 pound egg noodles,  and flour, oh and water

Cook the beef, mushrooms,  and onion to your preference. Cook the noodles, drain. Now comes the complicated part. Put 2 or 3 tablesppons butter in a saucepan over low heat.   Add the onion soup mix. Add a few tablespoons of flour,  and a cup or two of water. Add thyme and garlic to taste.  You are making a sauce. The more flour,  the firmer it will be, the more water, the juicier it will be. Stir, I prefer to whisk, the mixture until it boils. Let simmer a few minutes, then remove from heat.

Mix sauce, noodles,  sour cream, meat, and vegetables.  Enjoy :)