Monday, April 6, 2015

PT/Early Intervention Co Visit 4/6/15

     Because of the sheer number of therapies my son is in, it is easier to have the visiys combined so we do not have 10 individual hour long visits a month.  I like the people that are working with us, but it is daunting sometimes.

     T. is the Physical Therapist and A. is the E.I. coordinator.  I told them both about the visit with the cousins we had and how I was concerned. ( said that I should discuss my concerns with the Pediatrician and if needed, her and A. could recommend some specialists,  but to take my time and think about maybe if it was an anxiety thing and not necessarily a developmental issue.

     My son has a bit of a cold so it was even harder to engage him than usual.   We have been working on the "W" sitting and got to show T. our progress.

     Because my son is starting Speech Therapy on the 15th, we discussed M. the Speech Therapist. She works closely with T. so they will make several co-visits.

     A.  gave me the phone number of the pedatric optomitrist H. recommended on the OT evaluation.

     The next time we see T. will be at the park because the weather is nicer. Hopefully it doesn't rain.

     It was a kind of off visit only because my son was sick and tired and grumpy,  poor little man.  Hopefully Speech Therapy on the 15th will be more productive.  I am very excited about starting speech.