Thursday, April 2, 2015

Is it possible to age without growing? Why or why not? (Today's writing prompt from Blogher)

Side note--I am excited about this topic.

When I was younger in the long ago of the early 80s there was a clear distinction between adults and children.  Adults dressed differently, they talked differently, and they certainly had different likes. Being mature was a goal.

Now I seem to be constantly surrounded by contemporaries who are immature child adults. People seem to enjoy being older, but with as little personal growth as possible. It seems to be hip and cool to be in your thirties and relish watching television shows geared toward preschoolers. Doing actual work at work is such a waste of time. Why work for your check when you can play games and text all day? The idea of actually getting into an adult relationship where you settle down and raise little ones seems almost extinct. But then again, how can one raise children when one is a child themselves?

My generation seems to be stuck in this weird way of thinking that remaining childlike and immature is acceptable and we are passing this on to the next generation. 

I am going to touch on an example of this. What does "I don't have a filter" actually mean? Does it mean that there is an actual impairment that prevents you from adhering to the social code? Or does it mean that no matter how offensive and crude something is you absolutely have the right to say it and no one can be offended as long as you preceded it by saying "I don't have a filter"?

It makes me sad that the majority of people are not only aging without growing, but are fine with it. Hopefully, we can stop this downward trend and all seek actual personal growth in a positive way.