Monday, April 27, 2015

My son just made more progress!

As I have posted,  my son is in Speech Therapy.  He used to have about 10 or 12 words until last August when he lost them all after an ear infection.

Well, lately he has been taking to saying "gotta go". He says this when he is tired of whatever is going on. Saturday night I hung out with some friends and I guess we were boring because he would say "gotta go" and then leave the room.

I am so happy.  He is saying a phrase with actual meaning, he knows what it means,  and he knows the appropriate action to go with it.  It is only one phrase, but this is pretty much the only thing he is saying.  Well he says "dog", but it doesn't always mean dog.

My son turned 2 on 4/19. This is such a huge leap forward.