Saturday, March 14, 2015

Favorite all-purpose cleaner, cheap and non-toxic

My Aunt has been sharing all-natural tips with me for a while. I wanted to share a tip she gave me. Distilled white vinager mixed with water makes an amazing all-natural cleaner and its ridiculously cheap. I bought a spray bottle at Walmart for under a dollar to mix out small portions. The only place I don't use this is the bathroom,  vinegar and urine don't mix like bleach and ammonia.

My son vomited all over the couch and living room rug. He also  was sick all over his clothes and toys, and changing table and crib. Using my vinager mixture,  I got not only the stain, but the smell.  I clean his highchair with this.

I noticed when I washed the floor with brand name cleaner my dog would cower near the door and act like walking on the damp floor hurt. When I wash the floor with vinegar,  she is fine.