Monday, March 16, 2015

Proud Moment

With my son having developmental delays,  he reaches milestones after children his age. He will be 23 months on March 19th.

Dressing him has never been fun. Every morning I put a shirt on him and if it goes over his head, he fights and screams. He likes to suck his fingers so he cries when you take his fingers out of his mouth to put his arm in the sleeve. He tries to twist away fron you and pull back his arm.

There has been a recent development to putting on shirts. For the past month,  he has tried to push his arms through the sleeves himself.  He was having some success until it came to his thumb.  He could get most of his hand through,  but he splayed his fingers so the thumb always got stuck in the sleeve. He would panic and cry then try to push his hand out so he could suck his fingers,  but his hand stayed stuck which made him panic more. It made for a very stressful 5 seconds.

A week ago, he figured out  by accident how to get his hand all the way through his sleeve.  He smiles when he sees his hand come through and he knows he did it. I am so glad for this little bit of progress.  It isn't about when he catches up to me, but that he is making progress.