Friday, March 27, 2015


Packing isn't going as terrible as I thought.  My mom bought some juice boxes and snacks. I bought nuts and dark chocolate pomegranate things for the adults.  My son has Cheerios and I am bringing a few small meals for him.  To keep him entertained on the ride, I am bringing a few books and one toy. I will also have my tablet so I figure we can watch an episode of Daniel Tiger.

I never bought him boots this winter because of how late he started walking.  Then we got over 100 inches of snow and most days it was too cold for my delicate little man to be outside.  We went frantically shopping for boots last night. Shopping for kids boots at the end of March was quite the scavenger hunt.

Last night we also were shopping for gifts for his cousins.  The reason we are going on this adventure is my step-sister had a baby last month and we are driving up to meet him. My two step-sisters have six kids between them and we didn't want anyone to feel left out that the baby was getting something,  so we got little gifts for all the kids. The kids range in age from 23 months to 17 years so that was a project. I am excited we are going because my son has a cousin that is 14 days older than him so he will have someone his age to play with.

Still have a lot to do. It is not awful, but there is just a lot of decision making to do. I still have a sink full of dishes that isn't going to wash itself and laundry to fold.