Saturday, March 21, 2015

New Behaviors

Living with a baby, infant, or toddler is sometimes surreal.  They do things we just don't understand.  Eventually they outgrow the things they are doing and each stage is different.
I wanted to share a little bit of what this stage is bringing.  I don't know how much of it is age appropriate because of the developmental delays.
1. I am not allowed to eat.
  There is something about seeing me put food in my mouth that angers my son in a very profound and personal way.  Even if we are eating the same thing at the same time he becomes very irrate. He throws his food and begins crying and screaming if I eat at the table with him. If I have a snack, he grabs for it while screaming.  My husband can eat around him. He just hates seeing me eat.
2. Kisses
He just loves kissing.  Not people though. He kisses his stuffed animals,  his books, his reflection in his mirror.  He even kisses the remote control. 
3. Biting
This is a new one. He will lean in and hug you, then act like he is going to kiss, but takes a nibble.  Sometimes it truly is a nibble, sometimes its a chomp. He thinks it is funny. Trying to phase this out.
4. Everything in the nose.
It started with crayons.  Instead of drawing,  he would walk away giggling and try to shove it in his nose. Then he tried shoving his nail clippers up there. He likes to see if all his toys will fit up there.
What odd things are your toddlers doing?