Saturday, March 21, 2015

In Praise of Sandra Boynton

I wanted my son to have a good collection of books. Being a bit of a bibliophile,  I know that there is no end books being made. It has been a while since I had exposure to children's anything and I didn't want to just nilly willy aquire stacks of books. He has Jules Verne and Dickens and Tolkien for his teenage year.  The Monster at the end of the Book is waiting for him when he is just a little older. Dr. Seuss and the Bearinstein Bears are always appropriate,  but you have to wait for your little one to have a bit of an attention span before you can introduce them. He likes Mr. Brown can Moo, Can You? and There's a Wocket in my Pocket but most Suess is just too long.

We were actually at the pediatrician when I discovered Sandra Boynton. There was a well loved copy of Are you a Cow? in the waiting room.  I was giggling while reading it.  I fell in love instantly with her simple yet goofy style of writing.  Did you know rhinoceros snort and snuff? Have you ever seen a vicuna violinning?

He books are cute without being sappy. They are goofy without being insipid. The illustrations are simple,  yet enjoyable to a young reader.

I am a llittle offbeat and although I enjoy time tested classics, its nice to have an alternative.  We enjoy reading her books together and hope you get the chance to discover her writing.