Tuesday, March 24, 2015

So this odd thing happened to me over the weekend.

This is just a side post. It is not related to mom or pop culture.

My husband has someone in his immediate family who is a reggaeton artist. This means he raps in Spanish. He is actually quite famous. Not being bilingual, I don't enjoy his music that much but I like the sound of his voice.

He is also just a man. He is married and has children. He is a brother and a son and grandson. Although his job is a little more fun than most of ours, it is just a job. He travels a lot and he worked really hard to get where he is today.

To me, he is my husband's brother. We hardly see him because in the past he lived in Puerto Rico, now he lives in South America. He also tours all the time so when we go to Puerto Rico we only see him for short periods of time.  To my husband, he is his baby brother. He talks about how he didn't like being followed around all the time by him when he was a toddler. We have pictures of him on the walls of our apartment. He's a nice guy and we enjoy him as that.

I don't know how this even happened, but one of his fangirls attempted to friend me on Facebook. I didn't know who she was or that she was a fangirl until I looked through her pictures. Almost all her pictures were of my brother in law. I asked my husband if she was a cousin or perhaps a niece of his. My husband had no idea who she was either. He logged into his Facebook account and she sent him a friend request, too. I asked my sister in law if she knew the person and she explained to me that this was fangirl and to delete her. I actually blocked her. My husband said he blocked her, but now she is sending requests to tag herself in his pictures that include his brother. None of this is ok. It is not even a little bit ok. I don't even know how much research one has to  do to connect me with him because no where on any of my social media sites do I even indicate we are related. I don't follow him because all his professional updates are in Spanish, and I am not bilingual. I read his official biography on Myspace once and it made me laugh so hard I cried because I don't know who its about but its not really him. He said he didn't even read it as the record company wrote it. After hearing that, I stopped even looking him up online. As for trying to tag herself in my husband's pictures, those are private family moments. These are pictures of my husband and his brother with their mom and other family members including an aunt who passed away. These are not media pictures. They are not concert pictures. These are private moments in time. My husband and I love his brother as the man he is privately, not his public persona. I get a kick out of seeing him on tv, but that is really about it. One time, we saw him Puerto Rico then we went back to our hotel room. I turned on the tv and it happened to be on MTV. My brother in law was in the video that was on tv. That was surreal. I just saw him earlier that day, and now he is on television? How is that even real?

My point is this, don't do stuff like this guys. Its not ok. We are all just people. We all have work a day lives and families. Stick to the media controlled profiles of your favorite celebrities. Trust me, the PR people are really good at hyping their lives and the media created personalities given to your favorite celebrities are much more interesting than their day to day lives.  If you want to follow a celebrity, follow their official social media sites, don't do investigative research to find their private lives.