Monday, March 16, 2015

Physical Therapy 3/16/15 as well as another positive development.

The last time T. the Physical Therapist was here, she gave me some things to work on.
     1. My son "W-sits". He has low muscle tone so he sits like this : 

     (This is not my son. This is just a Google image)
I was told to correct this.

     2. My son doesn't like to feed himself. This is another developmental issue we are working on. I don't mean feeding himself with utensils, I mean he doesn't like feeding himself with his hands. I am to encourage self-feeding.

     3. My son has low muscle tone so I was to think of ways to encourage him to use his muscles by making him move in unexpected ways. The example she used was having him sit on pillows and then he would have to use his leg muscles to balance.

When T. came today we had lots to talk about. Since her last visit, we visited friends who have a sunken living room. My son learned that by putting his hands on the step in front of him, he could climb up the stairs. This used problem solving and helped used muscles.  He has been eating the majority of his lunches by himself. Today I made him chicken nuggets, celery bites, avocado and tomato slices for lunch. He usually picks out the chicken and makes me feed him the veggies, but today he ate it all by himself. To work on balance and muscle tone, last week I took him outside and held his hands and had him walk over our slushy, icy backyard. She had only positive feedback and agreed it is hard to think of a lot of outside winter activities for a toddler for pt purposes but soon we will be going to playgrounds for pt.

T. then played with my son. I got him this Melissa & Doug puzzle at a yardsale:

This puzzle is great for him because it develops fine motor skills and language.  They played with the puzzle and then she pointed to the cat and asked him what it was. His response? "meeo". Like "meow". This is the first time ever my son made an association. We both stared at him, then I started clapping. Then he kind of looked at T. and said it again like she should totally know that its a cat.

Then T. and my son read a Bob the Builder counting book. She is really pleased with his progress.

We discussed how we only have a year left of early intervention and then she planned a visit for April. I will share how that visit goes as well.