Monday, March 23, 2015

Star Trek Continues-Pilgrim of Eternity review

Star Trek Continues is a by the fans, for the fans production. It was launched thanks to a Kickstarter campaign. It continues TOS where the third season left off.

How have I never watched this before? Several people have suggested I give this a go because they enjoyed it, but I was always kind of busy.  I was determined to watch it for this blog and I am so pleased that I did.

If Star Trek: Of Gods and Men is a love letter to fans, this is a marriage proposal.

If you like TOS or sci fi, watch this web series. It won a Geekie Award for Best Web Series in 2014 and it is easy to see why.

The make up, the special effects, the lighting, the acting, the costumes all harken back to TOS. And the set........oh, the sets.  It is a perfect recreation of our beloved NCC-1701.

The cast is perfect. Not only do they have guest stars from previous Star Trek episodes and movies, they even have James Doohan's son playing Scotty. He nails the accent.

This episode is a part two of sorts to "Who Mourns for Adonais?"  The episode begins with the perfect cold open. Whenever someone appears on the bridge unexpectedly, you know you are in for a fun ride.

Apollo has aged since we have last seen him. He pleads with Kirk for a planet to die on. Kirk is understandably apprehensious. After all, we did see a display of his awe inspiring powers the last time we saw him. While Kirk and the senior officers are debating what is the best way to handle Apollo, Scotty has a problem of his own. There seem to be some bizarre energy fluctuations affecting his ship. Are they related to Apollo's sudden appearance?

This was a very tender homage to one of the best sci fi shows on television. It perfectly captures the mood of the original show. We even have the red shirt death. This was perfectly executed. I eagerly await reviewing the second episode.