Friday, March 20, 2015

Sorry for lack of posts today

I had some personal stuff going on.

I might be moving to a state about 5 hours from where I currently live and just felt kind of stressed all day. Staring at all the junk and baby junk I will have to eventually start going through. I have 8 bins of clothes he outgrew in the basement and 6 bins up here of stuff he has yet to wear. I stare at the changing table and wonder if its even worth taking? What about his old toys and books? Should I pack them on the off chance another baby might be in the mix or dump them?  I have 9 bookcases in the living room and 3 in my bedroom. Antique bedroom furniture.........ugh. I'm giving myself a migraine thinking about it all again.

A friend shared this with me This might have potential......

Will do a post about the first episode of Star Trek Continues and Sandra Boynton books tomorrow. The posts I was going to do today.