Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March 2015 Bluum box 22 month old boy

You can view the video here:March 2015 Bluum box

Got my son's Bluum box today! This is always a red letter day.

Pardon my pink J Jill dress. It was super comfy and I didn't want to change. Next month I will be a little more dressed. Lets see what we got!

To start off we have a book with a finger puppet. This looks really cute, but I am not sure how my son will like it. When he wakes up in the morning we will read it. This a British book from Child's Play
Price 5 Pounds 99. This means I have no idea what the price US is. It is midnight exactly and I am not looking up conversion rates. Lets guesstimate $7.00. I would love for someone to tell me the US cost though please.

Melissa & Doug Truck Crayon Set.  I added this to the box this month. The crayons are triangle shaped and supposed to be easy to hold. Also they are not made from wax, but from plastic which makes them more durable. And that is an adorable box.
Price 3.99 (on sale from the Bluum store)

This is a $40.00 coupon for Hello Fresh. This looks kind of cool. It's premeasured ingredients with recipe cards. I might try this out. 
Value $40.00

Things that Go ABC Crocodile Creek chunky board book. This is super cute, but I think my son may be too old for this. My husband's niece has a month old that this might be perfect for in a few months, or maybe I can gift it to someone else.
Price $11.99 (according to amazon.com. That makes me upset. I would not pay half that for this.)

Numbers Match up Game & Puzzle Peaceable Kingdom. This looks like a lot of fun. The cards are two sided. On one side its a match up game memory game. On the back, its a floor puzzle. Given that my son has developmental delays and this is for ages 2-6 I think this might have to sit in my room for a bit.
Price $7.95

So according to the product's website this is $12.95 worth of shave foam.  I am assuming it also removes cellulite, stretch marks and will make me have 20/20 vision for that price. I will not be buying this product when the container is out, but it will be fun to try.
Price $12.95

Melissa & Doug Classic Peg Puzzle See Inside Alphabet. Later this week I will sing the praises of Melissa & Doug products. This is going to be fun to play with. Cannot wait for my son to see this in the morning.
Price $6.39 (www.toyrus.com)

Overall not a bad box. I cannot get over the price of the shave foam though.  Anytime Melissa & Doug is in a box I want to jump for joy.  The frog book also looks like it might be a favorite.

Total box price (since the Frog and Me book is in pounds this is an estimate) $90.27. I paid $20.00 for the box. Works for me.

Interested in ordering Bluum? http://bluum.me/16QJhAC